Cheryl Wheeler


Cheryl Wheeler

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Intro: C  F  C  F  G  C 

              F                G                  C 
Early morning sunrise come and pull the song from me 
   F                           C          G 
So I can turn away and rest my tired eyes 
  C                F             G          C 
I can't escape the haunting of a lonely melody 
   F                                C          G 
It runs around and 'round without a compromise 
    F               G   C        ~     F 
So, where you gonna go, what you gonna do 
                      G          C        ~      F 
You know I can't say "No", can't say good-bye to you 
                 G           C        ~     F     
I can't stop the flow, 'till you've decided to 
          G   C/G Ab Bb F C  F  C  F  G  C 
Hm hm hm, hmm hmm hmmmmmmmm 

                     F             G                  C 
The song runs like a piper, like a drummer through my brain 
    F                             C            G 
The silence all around, feels so apart from me 
C               F               G                C 
I could sit and cry for all the love and all the pain 
     F                              C       G 
That brings itself to mind inside a harmony 
    F               G            C        ~       F 
The softest morning light, can't shine as soft as you 
                     G            C       ~        F 
The sweetest love in sight, can't love me like you do 
                     G             C         ~       F     
The swiftest bird in flight, can't climb the path to you 
          G   C/G Ab Bb F C  F  C  F  G  C 
Hm hm hm, hmm hmm hmmmmmmmm 

Instrumental: C  F  C  F  G  C   (2x) 

               F                G               C 
Now it's fully dawn and nightly silence breaks away 
  F                                 C         G 
Into the distant sounds of cars and factories 
C             F             G             C 
Traces linger on and slowly fade into the day 
    F                                      C          G 
And leave me with these rounds all humming back to me 
    F             G        C      ~       F 
So, now I bid you well and take myself to bed 
                    G        C        ~      F 
The tune you had to tell was soft and kindly said 
             G          C       ~     F     
I still feel swell from all you comforted 
          G   C/G Ab Bb F C   
Hm hm hm, hmm hmm hmmmmmmmm 

OUTRO: C  F  C  F  G  C   (4x) 

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