Cheryl Wheeler

Beyond The Lights

Cheryl Wheeler

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Beyond The Lights

Written by Cheryl Wheeler

Capo on 3rd fret

Intro: F   Dm   Am   Bb    

F                       Dm                 Bb 
Thought you'd bide your time and play your part 
             F     C 
But you were wrong dear 
F                  Dm               Bb 
Somewhere down the line your lonely heart 
            F    C     Am 
Could not belong here 
            Dm               Bb 
And in some frame of reason 
           F C 
Beyond our vision 
F                  Dm       C     Bb 
Your love lagged behind and fell apart 
          Dm7  C  F 
Without a soul to hear 

                Dm                   Bb 
On a night like this the stars don't shine 
               F   C 
And there's no moonlight 
F                Dm                 Bb 
We're like you I guess, we bide our time 
                F     C     Am 
Try to play our parts right 
           Dm                 Bb 
And wonder where you gathered 
           F  C   F 
Your angry sorrow 
                    Dm       C        Bb 
Through the rolling mist the scenes unwind 
             Dm7   C  F         Dm 
They seem so clear to-night 

          Bb            F      C 
And in my sleep you are crying still 
    Bb                 F               C      Dm 
The way you touch your brow, hang your head 
        Bb         F     C 
I never knew and I never will 
    Bb              F      A                  Bb 
The voices haunting you, a thing that I could do 

Instrumental: Am  Dm  Bb  Dm C Am  Dm  Bb  Dm C   F 

                  Dm                  Bb 
Were they in your stars, those lonely nights 
          F C 
Tormented hours? 
F                      Dm                     Bb 
Something snapped your spars and slacked your lines 
              F  C    Am 
And took your powers 
           Dm               Bb 
Did no one see you sinking 
                F C    F 
'Til you'd gone under? 
                     Dm    C        Bb 
While you slipped so far beyond the lights 
             Dm7  C   F     
Were we just watching ours? 

OUTRO: Dm  Bb  Dm  C  F  (3x) 

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