Cheap Trick

Tell Me Everything Chords

Cheap Trick

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by renejunior

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Tell Me Everything

Year: 1994 - Album: Woke Up With a Monster


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Intro E (repeats until chord change) A e|----0----------0-------0-------------5----------5---------5---------------| B|------5------5---5---5-----------------5-----5----5----5------------------| G|---------4---------4------4---------------6----------6--------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| I think playing the A sounds better as the xxx655 but there's a few ways so pick whichever one you dig most. Cool bass line at the beginning and throughout the song... e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--------9----11----9----------7-------------------------------------------| A|--7/11-----------------9--11------11--------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse- E A E If I could have what I want I'll just want what I've got A E I told myself a million times that's the truth but it's not A E I could give you some lessons on how to cry all night A E I know the hurting's only started and it might never stop Pre-Chorus B F# A Oh, Angeline, you want some help from me now Asus B Now since he left you alone. F# Don't say it ain't so, 'cause you traded me for him A Asus A Not so long ago
E A Asus A You were everything to me E A Asus A You were everything to me E A I don't know why but your pain B Is such a pleasure to see A E So baby tell me everything.
Bridge: A I guess you never thought that you'd be falling in love You've lost everything that you're dreaming of B A E I can't let you go without letting you know E A Asus A You were everything to me E A Asus A You were everything to me E A I don't know why but your pain B Is such a pleasure to see A E So baby tell me everything

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