Charlie Simpson


Charlie Simpson

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Capo on 6th fret

Intro: C F (2x) 

C C F F (2x) 
God I?ve seen your dreams and they were filled with darkness 
And your eyes turned white in the bright lights 
I know there?s torment in your heart 
It?s swimming round your body like a shark 

Em G F C 
Can you not see me anymore? 
Or are you not just hiding beneath the floor? 
Cos I can?t feel empty anymore 

C Am7 Em Em C Am7 Em G G 
Just hide your heart anywhere, please hide your heart anywhere from me 
?Cause I?m just not ready for, no I?m just not ready for, all this 

Interlude (same as Intro) 


I just throw a stone into the wishing well 
Walk down to the water?s edge and push me into the swell 
As I walk down the stairs to face another day 
I don?t think I drank enough to make your face go away 


Cos I have been waiting here from the start 
Hoping the sunlight would rise through the dark 
Cos my heart is yearning for you dear 


Just hide your heart anywhere, please hide your heart anywhere, from me 
I?m just not ready for, I?m just not ready for, all this 

F C G G F C Am7 C G G 
The nights are so cold and I?m breathing you in 
There?s blood on the streets and it?s darker than sin 
I don?t know where I?m going 
I don?t wanna know anyway 
I just need you here 

F Am7 C (4x) 
Cos you are my sundown 
You are my sundown 
You are my sundown 
You are mine. 


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