Charley Pride

Snakes Crawl At Night

Charley Pride

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Snakes Crawl At Night

The Snakes Crawl at Night 
AThe snakes crawl at night, 
That's what they Dsay, A 
When the sun goes Edown, 
Then the snakes will Aplay, 
I watched that car pull into my driveway, 
Saw a shadow slip away from my Ehouse, 
Then I Ahurried straight and looked in Dher room, 
And Afound it was my Eloving Aspouse, 
Repeat Chorus 
So I waited in the shadows until morning, 
And the gun I held was trembling in my Ehand, 
No, I Adid not plan to give them any Dwarning, 
For the Adevil on my Eshoulder had Acommand, 
Repeat Chorus 
Oh, the trial in a little while, was over, 
And they sentenced me to die right Eaway, 
But Abefore I leave this courtroom please, your Dhonor, 
There's Asomething more that EI would like to Asay, 
Repeat Chorus X2 


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