Charley Pride

Gone Gone Gone

Charley Pride

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Gone Gone Gone

	  		G                  C                 G 
The day you walked away you left the hurt behind 

G                   C               D7 
A hurt that kept on growing all the time 

  C                                      G 
A hurt that lit the match that burned my world down 

F                         D7    G 
Till everything was gone  gone  gone 

F                                G7 
And now I'm left among the ashes of my dreams 

F                            D7 
Searching for a reason to go on 

    G                  C                G 
But all that's left is hurt and hurt is not enough 

F                        D7    G 
When everything is gone  gone  gone 

G                C              G 
Now in the quiet garden I found peace at last 

G                  C                D7 
I've left the hurt behind me in the past 

  C                                 G 
I walk among the flowers that bloom here in the sun 

F                         D7    G 
And all the hurt is gone  gone  gone 

F                                       G7 
But then at night they come and take me to my room 

F                            D7 
And like a little child I go along 

    G              C                  G 
And if my room has bars it's not that I've done wrong 

F                          D7    G 
It's just my mind is gone  gone  gone 

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