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Able Bodied Man Chords

Charley Pride

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Able Bodied Man

	              D                                           G                                                   D 
   I'm calling from the station and I haven't got much time to let you know, 
                    D                                              G                                         A 
   I've got a ticket for Missouri and there's things I need to say before I go. 
           G                                                  D 
    If I could I'd have you meet me but I don't see how I can, 
    D                     D7                        G 
    I don't have enough to pay your fare, 
                    G                                        D 
    there's a factory in Columbus hiring now I understand 
                        G                    A                  D 
    and they're looking for an able bodied man . 

                D                                              G                                             D 
    You should receive some money in a letter that I mailed two days ago, 
               D                                          G                                               A 
    but when I wrote the letter saying you could come to me I didn't know. 
           G                                              D 
    That I was going to lose my job in such a little while, 
           D                           D7                             G 
    so now we're going to have to change our plans, 
                           G                                             D 
    they may not hire me in Columbus but I'm pretty sure they will, 
                    G                    A                   D 
    if they're looking for an able bodied man.           

( D A D ) 

             D                                             G                                           D 
    If I'd had more education I'd have made a better life for me and you, 
                    D                                        G                                        A 
    but such simple manual labor is the only kind of work that I can do. 
                       G                                     D 
    The bus is loading for Missouri so I guess I better go, 
          D                      D7           G 
    I'll call you just as soon as I can, 
               G                                           D 
    I'll be sending you a ticket cause I think I'll get the job, 
                    G                    A                  D 
    if they're looking for an able bodied man. 
                  G                       A                   D 
    And remember I'm your able bodied man. 

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