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Asa Chords

Catfish And The Bottlemen

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by adalgomes

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Capo on 1st fret
  		Catfish And The Bottlemen ‚?? Asa  
Played Capo1 


When our minds are crushing 
You ring me up 
And say baby I‚??m alone 
And I‚??ve got ideas 
Am                                            F 
Won‚??t you please come and pick me up? 
And we‚??ll disappear from town 
There‚??s a little place I‚??ve found 
By my work 
It‚??s down by the Mersey 
She tried to show me how much she 
missed me 

Pre Chorus 
G                                    Am   F 
And I said please, honey save it‚?¶ 

Am                     C            G            F 
Cause‚?? I just want to know, how you feel, about us 
Am                     C                    G              F 
And I, just want to know where you spent last night! 

Am, C, G, C x2 

I bet you didn‚??t recall the night where we start 
And you led me on, and they all went out 
Am                          G                          Am G 
Without us, and we stayed back and rumbled 
You with your misleading tattoos 
And your New York City style 
           Am                            G 
And your Jackie Ryan soul 

Pre Chorus 
F                        C       G 
And she said please, honey save it 
                  F                      C 
Cause I never meant for it to get this good 

Am                C            G          F 
I just want to know, how you feel, about us 
       Am            C                  G        F 
And I, just want to know where you spent last night 
Am                   C          G            F 
Cos I just want to know how you think about him 
Am                   C                   G              F 
When you‚??re with me, or that you do him good, she said 
G                    Am 
Please, honey save it 

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