Cassie Davis


Cassie Davis

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Intro: C G Am C G Am 

verse 1 

C        G            Am 
Amazing, outstanding! Who'd of thought it? 

It's kind of breath-taking that you're still in love with me 

I'm ready to give you my all, take the best of me 

C          G          Am 
I am here, before you and you're the reason 

That I'm living, I am yours, you're every part of me 

Bb                                                C 
And where you are is exactly where I want to be 

G Am You smile and my pain disappears, C G Am E It seems as though my troubles fly away C G Am What we have, is just the most amazing, amazing thing C G Am E You're right there by my side, when I fall to say it's ok
C G Am verse 2 C G Am Those three words that you say, I love you F7 You'll never know how much it means when you say that to me Bb Three words just turned all of my dreams into reality C G Am Right here in your arms, where I belong F7 I never want to live a day without you by my side Bb To look into your eyes and find that on you I can rely Repeat Chorus Bridge F G You take my breath away, see things in me I cant see myself F When everything is getting crazy, and my whole world is gettin' hazy G I would turn to know you are there, YEAH Repeat Chorus x 2 Having stepped up to D A Bm D A Bm F# Fade out D A Bm D A Bm

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