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Half Ghost

C                                 F 
You can stand at a show all night 
C                                       F 
Somewhere in the back just watching the bands 
C                                F 
You can try to pretend nothing's wrong 
                 C               F 
And clap for the songs 

C                               F 
Or drive all night for no reason 
C                               F 
Just drive 'til the tape's done 
C                           F 
And leave everything to the long, long road 
            C                   F 
To take you home 

C                               F 
Or talk on the phone all night 
C                              F 
And tell the whole story to an answering machine 
C                              F 
Or put everything on a song 
C                           F 
Just put everything on some song on the radio 

C  F (x2) 
At least a song won't cheat 
At least a song won't leave 

C  F (x4) 

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