Carl Smith

There She Goes

Carl Smith

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There She Goes

There She Goes 
by Carl Smith 
Written by E. Miller & D. Haddock & W. s. Stevenson 
Recorded  02/03/1955 
There she (F)goes, shes walk-ing a-(Bb)way 
Each step she (C7)takes brings a heart ache my (F)way 
He won her heart, I lost her some (Bb)way 
There she (C7)goes, shes walk-ing a-(F)way 
If (Bb)I hadn't cheat-ed 
If (F)I hadn't lied, (G)I'd be the one  
Walk-(C7)ing by her side I love her (F)still 
And I guess that it (Bb)shows 
Shes walk-ing a-(C7)way, there she (F)goes 


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