Carl Smith

Guilty Conscience

Carl Smith

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Guilty Conscience

	  		C                           F                 C 
Oh does a guilty conscience make you rule the day 
You let another take you from my side 
C                           F                C 
Why'd you wed your new love are you lying to me 
                 G7                   C 
Or does a guilty conscience hurt your pride 

G7                               C 
Does he take you to the same old places 
Does he kiss you like I used to do 
C                             F 
When you see the old familiar faces 
C             G7                C 
Does a guilty conscience bother you 

                         F           C 
Have you kept my letters and my photograph 
Have they faded like the love we knew 
C                       F               C 
When you read them over does your heart regret 
                  G7                  C 
And does a guilty conscience make you blue 

G7                                C 
When the day is done and night is falling 
And you see that big moon in the sky 
C                                F 
When you lay your head upon your pillow 
              G7                  C 
Does a guilty conscience make you cry 

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