Fast Cars


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Fast Cars


Intro:  F   Bb  G#   G#        F     C#     Bb    Bb   (2x) 

F            Bb               G#   G#     F           C#             Bb         Bb    
They're nice and precise, each one begins and ends 
They may win you admirers, but they'll never earn you friends 

F# F# F F# F F# Bb Bb A Bb A Bb Fast cars, fast cars Fast cars, F# F# F F# F F# C# F Fast cars I hate fast cars
They're so depressing going 'round and 'round Ooh, they make me dizzy, oh fast cars they run me down Chorus: BASS BREAK: verse chords (2x) ALL IN: verse chords (2x) Sooner or later, you're gonna listen to Ralph Nader I don't wanna cause a fuss, but fast cars are so dangerous Chorus (2x)

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