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The chemical between us Chords


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The chemical between us

Mantem os dois acordes abaixo..Se quiser complementar fassa algumas 
 passagens de B5 E5 D5 E5 em certas partes da musica 
B5 D5 
I want you to remember 
A love so full it could send us all ways 
I want you to surrender 
All my feelings rose today 
And I want you to remain 
The power of children can amaze 
I'll try not to complain 
I know that's a pisser baby 
A5               C5 
The chemicals between us 
The walls that lie between us 
Lying in this bed 
A5                 C5 
The chemicals displaced 
There is no lonlier state 
Than lying in this bed 
I want you to remember 
Everything you said 
Every driven word 
Like a hammer, hell, to my head 
The chemicals between us 
The chemicals between us 
Lying in this bed 
We're of the hollow men 
We are the naked ones 
We never meant you harm 
Never meant you wrong 
I'd like to thank 
All of my lovers, lovers, lovers 
The chemicals between us 
The chemicals between us 
The chemicals 
The chemicals between us  
Contribuição: Rafael Fernandes Fialho(rafaelbbf@bol.com.br) 


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