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God Is Here

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God Is Here

D       D/C#         F#m 
God is here at this moment 
         G       A7               D 
And its presence lives within ourselves 
D              D/C#              F#m 
Surrender your life and all your troubles 
         G       A7           D 
Talk to God, it will help you 

Bm                          Em 
   The Lord has brought you here 
         A7               D 
To alleviate all of your suffering 
Bm                     Em                     A7 
   He's the author of faith, from beginning to end 
                   D        Am 
Through all of his torments 

    D7          G               A7 
And even if it comes, darkness nights 
                     F#m                     Bm 
Christ will help you carry the weight of the cross 
                   Em               A7 
The world can even try, to make you cry 
                    D     Am  D7        
But God wants you smiling 

    D           D/C#       F#m 
Wherever your troubles may be 
         G    A7           D 
Talk to God, it will help you 
D          D/C#         F#m 
After pain, joy will always come 
               G        A7             D 
'Cause God is Love and you can bear your trials 

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