Brook Benton

Fools Rush In

Brook Benton

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Fools Rush In

 Dm7          G                      Cm7     Am 
Fools rush in   where angels fear to tread, 
    Am7          Dm7           G7 
And so I come to you, my love,  
                   C      Am7 
My heart above my head; 
   F6        Dm7     G7       C      C/B    Am7 
Though I see     the danger there, 
    Am7/G    Dm7/5-         Am7      D7       Dm7   G 
If there's a chance for me,    then I don't care. 
Fm7           G                      Cm7    Am 
Fools rush in   where wise men never go, 
     Am7            Dm7          G 
But wise men never fall in love,  
                   Bm7/5-     E7 
So how are they to know? 
  Dm7      Dm7/5-            C      C/B  Am7 
When we met,      I felt my life begin, 
  Am7/G             Dm7          G 
So o - pen up your heart and let 
      Dm7       C   Dm7/5-   G#7    G  
This fool rush in. 
Last time: 
  Am7/G            Dm7            G                  
So o - pen up your heart and let 
     Dm7       C   Fdim(III)  C alt 
This fool rush in. 


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