Broken Bells

Perfect World

Broken Bells

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Perfect World

Capo on 2nd fret

Intro Am  C  G  Em  D  

 Am    C        G 
Oh london moon, help me stumble home 
    Em             D 
Let me lose myself along the way 
      Am      C             G 
I've got nothing left it's kinda wonderful 
        Em               D 
Cause there's nothing they can take away, away 

( Am   C   G   Em   D ) 

  Am  C          G 
The open doors, left me wanting more 
   Em                     D 
Never thought they'd close them all the way 
  Am    C          G 
The ordinary life they want for you 
     Em            D 
Is it too much to have to bear? 

       Am            C 
Well it's another way to any useless fight 
You've been lying so long don't know when you're faking 
Em               D 
   see the water on the rise 
    Am           C 
Just another day into a useless night 
I've been pushing so hard now my hands are shaking 
Em               D 
   see the water on the rise 

Am C G But i've been turned around, i was upside down Em D I thought love would always find a way Am C G But i know better now, got it figured out Em D It's a perfect world all the same, woah
Am C G I was hoping for an easy rambling life Em D Until an ocean came to my mind Am C G We look for exit signs but we can't be changed Em D Into nothing overnight Am C G Though we know it's over, it keeps exploding Em D Every morning when we rise

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