Broken Bells


Broken Bells

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F#m D F#m D 
F#m D A E 

verse 1 
F#m          D                     F#m 
      So you showed me around your town  
   D              F#m 
To hell again and back  
Our love sucks  
    A                    E                  F#m 
The way you made all the friends you depend on 

verse 2 

  D                  F#m 
I know it might seem wrong  
           D            F#m 
Cause your not the only one  
  D                     A 
I remember my self as a lonely child 
So I was  
And you've got me wrong  
You've got me wrong  

F#m   E        B 
Da Da Da Da Da 

F#m   A        B 
Da Da Da Da Da  (2x) 

verse 3 

F#m   D                  F#m 
      Remember what they say  
           D             F#m 
There's no shortcut to a dream  
It's all blood and sweat 
    A                E              F#m 
And life is what you manage in between  

verse 4 
         D         F#m 
But what you don't know  
              D                  F#m 
Is you're too young and eager to love 
Seething eyes 
So you're about to get into  
    E                     B 
The ditch that you opened up  

F#m   E        B 
Da Da Da Da Da 

F#m   A        B 

Da Da Da Da Da (2x)


A            F#m 
Sister's allay  
    D                B 
and leave you behind 
    A                  F#m 
You want it sewn and I 
I cut the light  
of a lot of mood  
A                   F#m 
Sister you know not 
        D               B 
But for now just let it go  
A                F#m 
Don't run, don't rush  
Just flow  

Chorus  But Diff 

F#m                E                 B  
       Through the give and take you had to learn  
F#m           A                   B 
       How to cross the coals and not get burned  
F#m               E             B 
       But you're really just a little girl  
               F#m            A        B 
Playing in the park until the sun goes down  


F#m      D                F#m 
     sometime you want to rise  
    D            F#m 
One did it's our desire  
   D                   A                E 
No doubt you think you braided your own hair 
So you're all grown up  


           D                 F#m 
Should you want to cross the line  
      D                  F#m 
Which way do you want to fly 
   D                 A             E 
Pretend that love creating all the years  
But you got me wrong 
But you got me wrong  

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