Brian Jonestown Massacre

Silver Dagger

Brian Jonestown Massacre

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Silver Dagger

	  		Intro: D   

D                                     G 
Don't sing your songs, you'll wake my father 
              D                 Em 
He's sleeping here, right by my side 
           C              Am 
And in his hand, a silver dagger, 
             Em           D 
He says that you can't be me bride. 


D                               G 
All women are false, so says my father, 
                 D              Em 
They'll tell you wicked, lovin' lies. 
              C                  Am 
The very next day, they'll court another, 
          Em                D 
Leave you alone to pine and sigh. 

D - C - G - D (x2) 

D                   G 
My mommy is a awful devil 
            D                Em 
She's got a chain five miles long, 
             C                 Am 
And on every link a heart does dangle 
           Em                  D 
Of another man she's loved and wronged. 


D                          G 
So go and court some other sucker, 
              D                Em 
And hope that you can't be his wife, 
              C                Am 
For I've been warned, and I've decided 
         Em                   D 
To sleep alone, for all of my life. 

D - C - G - D (x4) 

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