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As Usual Chords

Brenda Lee

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by fernsantana

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As Usual

C                                     G7 
The sun comes up and brings the dawn  as usual 

When I awake I'll find you're gone  as usual 

                                   C7             F 
But I can't find a way to let this crazy heart of mine forget 

  G7                                   C   G7 
I pretend you're still beside me  as usual 

     C                      G7 
Each evening I take a walk  as usual 

I make believe that we still talk  as usual 

              C7               F 
People always stop and stare I guess they just don't see you there 

           G7                                     C 
Don't they know you'll always be right here  as usual 

Today I looked into my mirror  as usual 

I told myself that you're still here  as usual 

                     C7               F 
And as I stood there telling lies the tears began to fill my eyes 

        G7                                 C 
Cause I know I'm only fooling myself  as usual 

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