Let Me Go


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Let Me Go

Year: 1972 - Album: Guitar Man

(David Gates - Bread )

	  		F                    G 
You know I've got to leave here 
F                              G 
If I can pull myself up to the door 
F                             G 
You see I've tried my best to stay here 
F                   G      C     
But I can't see you anymore 
F                      G          Am     C 
There's something I've just gotta tell ya 
F                       G           Am           C 
There's something keeps bringing me down, ya know 
F                     G         G#    Am    C  
There's one thing more I've just gotta ask ya 
F                       G 
Won't you please let me go? 
F                 C 
If I'm to meet my master 
F                 C 
If I'm to rule my fate 
F                             C 
You know it couldn't come any faster, babe 
F                           C 
But see I know it's not too late 
Am                G          F#m 
Time has not been good for us 
   D                 F     Am 
No time has not been kind                
                       G            F#m 
We've done all that we could for us 
More time won't change my mind 

Solo Dm  E  F  
       G  Am  Dm 

       C    F       G     Am  Dm 
And when my life is over 
        C      F           G    Am  Dm 
And I'm walking out in the rain 
       C        F      G      Am  Dm 
Let me lie down in the clover 
    C             F    G   
And look up to the sun again 
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F G Am C It's not that I did not love you
F G Am C But something kept bringing me down, ya know F G There's something that I've just gotta tell you Am C F Once again now, baby C F Let me go G C F Let me go G C F Let me go G F G F Let me go

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