Games Of Magic


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Games Of Magic

Year: 1996 - Album: Retrospective [2 CD SET]


Em7                            A 
First time it's rained since I came to the city 
Dm7                        B7 
Seemed like a good time to write 
Em7               A 
And even now as I look out my window 
Dm7                         B7 
Rain clouds are chasing the light 

          Em7      A            Em7     A 
They play games of magic in the night...(repeat) 

Em7                         A 
Lately I've stayed with the lady from Denver 
Dm7                      B7 
She said to come by for awhile 
Em7                    A 
Took me on down to her place by the river 
Dm7                    B7 
Carried me off on her smile 

          Em7      A            Em7     A      B (only 2nd time) 
We play games of magic all the while...(repeat) 

  E                F#m7 
I hope this letter finds you well 
  G#m                B7                E     F#m7 G#m B7 
I wrote to tell you 'bout my change of plans 
  E               F#m7 
I won't be home tomorrow night 
     G#m          B7                C#m7  G#m  F#m B7  
I'll be alright I hope you'll understand 

 Em7                     A 
All of my life I've been looking for somethin' 
Dm7                        B7 
But I guess you know me by now 
Em7                       A                 Dm7   B7 
Searching for secrets and being the eternal child 

        Em7      A             Em7   A  
Playing games of magic all the while. (repeat and fade) 

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