Clouds Suite


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Clouds Suite

	  		A                                  C#m 
See the clouds adrift so far below 
A                                    C#m 
Everchanging as they come and go 
F#                                         Bm 
Makes me wonder why I'm up so high 
         E                            E7 
When really I am down so low 
A                                         C#m 
Of all the wonders I was one allowed 
A                                               C#m 
I think that I would always choose a cloud 
F#                                                 Bm 
Always brings my feelings right out loud 
             E                           E7 
Whether I'm ashamed or proud 
A                                          C#m 
On this airplane comin' home to you 
A                                       C#m    G 
Sometimes I think I've flown my whole 
life through 
 Bm                        E 
My whole life... through 
Bm               E                A 
As I wing my way to you 
A                                           C#m 
See the clouds they're giving life below 
A                                           C#m 
In colors that the canvas cannot show 
F#                                           Bm 
Keeping secrets no one else could know 
      E                                      E7 
For I'm the one who told them so 
A                                           C#m 
Now and then I get up close to you 
A                                           C#m 
I'd like to stay but I'm just passing through 
F#                    Bm     E 
So I'll have to say goodbye... 
Bm             E          A 
Until next time I fly. 
D                       C#m 
Make my bed-light the light 
Bm                                         A 
Comin' in on the midnight flight 
Bm                                        A 
Touch the ground and soon you will be 
   A7                  D 
Safe inside reality 
D                                  C#m 
Change your mind-change your name 
Bm                                         A 
Still the music it sounds the same 
Am   C      Am                      C 
Rainfall don't bother me at all 
F                               G                           C 
You see the world reflected on the highway 
Am          C              Am           C 
Come on rainbow-I can't let you go 
F                               G                   C 
Before I reach the end of you someway 
Am                                C 
So the next time raindrops fall 
Am                          C                      G 
If it makes you climb the walls just think 
of green. 
ambChile ([email protected]) 


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