Brantley Gilbert

Rock This Town

Brantley Gilbert

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Rock This Town

	  		Standard tuning on this one 

Intro: G, Cadd9, D x2 

(Em7) I'm tired of this (D) 9 to 5 
(Cadd9) 8 hours feeling like over time 
And my (Em7) mind's reminding me (D)  I got a show (Cadd9) tonight 
(Em7) Getting home, it's al(D)ready 8:30 
My (Cadd9) strings are old and man, my clothes are dirty 
(Em7) And jimmy's always (D) late, so man I'm right on (Cadd9) time 

(D) There's a little old college bar right off of (Em7) old 129 
Said (D) they'd pay me just a little bit of money 
To (Cadd9) sing my songs tonight 

(G) It's 10:00, get ready to rock, let's (Cadd9) roll 
Give me the beat boys, and free my (Em7) soul 
Play it (D) all from skynyrd to (Cadd9) Jones 
And some of my own 
(G) 5'10 with a suntan and southern (Cadd9) drawl 
In the front row singing (Em7) along 
Yeah it's (D) all about the country (Cadd9) sound 
Yeah, we're gonna rock this (G) town 

(Em7) Sweet home to (D) brown eyed girl 
(Cadd9) Trying my best to remember the words 
And there's (Em7) always some drunk in the (D) back 
Screaming out Free (Cadd9) Bird 
(Em7) Take a break, and (D) head to the bar 
(Cadd9) Shake a couple hands, got me feeling like a star 
And I (Em7) know it's the bottle (D) talking, but hell I don't (Cadd9) mind 

(D) Ya'll I aint cose to fame 
But I (Em7) love to play and sing 
(D) And this may be a honkey tonk bar 
But (Cadd9) I'm still living a dream 

Chorus again 

Intrumental is the intro twice 

Chorus again 

For the outro, play the intro twice 

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