Brandi Carlile

Until Die

Brandi Carlile

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Until Die

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Intro: the acoustic guitar starts this part and an electric takes over as they switch channels. the electric starts playing i think the D (on the B string) is played alone instead of the open G like the tab shows. anyways, this part is playing often throughout the song... e|-------------------------------------------------------------| B|------3----------3----------3---------3----------------------| G|----0-0--0--0---0--0-----0-0--0--0---0--0--------------------| D|--4--------4--4---------4-------4--4-------------------------|
G, Bm, C, G, D G Bm Hey there what's that in your sky C With all the pretty lights, yeah G You think I can get that high? G Bm Hey you man, where's your motivation C And why the celebration G D You've gotten nothing done here Cadd9 G You wanna live until you die alone and will Bm Fly alone and will C G I'm not so far below I live beneath your sky A C Cm With tainted eyes, I've made my mind To live until I die
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G Bm C e|---7--5--7-7b8--7--------------------------------5s7-5-7-7b8--7--------------| B|-----------------------3----5s7-5-7-7b8--7--3--------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G, D G Bm Run run run catch me if you can can can C G Come and hold my hand and I'll be your biggest fan G Bm Followers living in your hollow words C D I have seen your nine to fives wash away your dreams C G You wanna live until you die alone and will Bm Fly alone and will C G I'm not so far below I live beneath your sky A C With tainted eyes, I've made my mind A C Cm And I'm just fine with all my time To live until I die G, Bm, C, G

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