Brady Toops

Reckless Love

Brady Toops

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Reckless Love

Intro: Bb   

verse 1:  
     Eb                      Bb 
The noonday sun dropped its head as it hung  
         F                   Bb 
In the middle of a starless day  
        Eb                    Bb 
As our Great High Priest gave His life for the least  
          F                      Bb 
And the Father put His heart on display  

Eb  Bb  Eb  Bb 
Oh oh... 

verse 2:  
          Eb                       Bb 
But His flesh and His bone, oh the grave couldn't hold  
         F                   Bb 
On the morning of that resurrection  
        Eb                     Bb 
At the dawn of the day all of history was changed  
         F                    Gm 
And our courage couldn't be overcome  
          Eb                   Bb 
No our courage couldn't be overcome  

Eb Bb/D So by the precious blood, we see Your reckless love F Cm All glory to the One who stole the day Eb Bb/D And let it fall on us our Savior's righteousness F Cm Who stole the keys from hell and from the grave
verse 3: Eb Bb The hold of decay had given up its way F Bb As our Savior offered up His life Eb Bb And when the veil was torn, the devil he was warned F Gm That we shall all be glorified Eb Bb Yeah we shall all be glorified Eb Bb Eb Bb Oh oh... To Bridge: Bb Bridge: Eb F Gm Bb Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah Lord you reign Eb F Gm Bb Oh oh... You Reign

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