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Boyce Avenue

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by gustsilva

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INTRO(2x) E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---1--------------3-1------1--------3--1--------1------3-1----1-------1----3--1------| G|---------------0------0-----------0---------0--------0-------0--------------------0--| D|-----2----2---------------0----0--------3-------3---------3-----------3--------------| A|--3---------------------2-------------3-----------------3-----------3----------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C C/B Coming out of my cage C4 And I've been doing just fine Gotta gotta be down C Because I want it all C C/B It started out with a kiss C4 How did it end up like this? It was only a kiss C It was only a kiss C/B Now I'm falling asleep C4 And she's calling a cab While he's having a smoke C And she's taking the drag C/B Now they're going to bed C4 And my sis sick And it's all in my head Am7 But she's touching his chest now G/B He takes off her dress now C4 Let me go Am7 And I just can't look G/B It's killing me C4 And taking control C Jealousy C4 Am7 Turning saints into the sea G/B C Turning (swimming) through sick lullaby C4 Am7 Joking on your alibi G/B C But it's just the price I pay C4 Am7 Destiny is calling me G/B C C4 Open up my eager eyes Am7 G/B I'm Mr. Brightside C C4 Am7 G/B (4x) ( Repete desde o comešo ) I never C C4 Am7 G/B ( repeat ) (Obs:usei C4,G/B porque o acorde fica melhor,o 'original' Ú F e G )

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