We're Ready


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by  CURLY9702

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We're Ready

E  B/E  A/B  E  Esus4  E  G  A 
E  B/E  A/B  E  Esus4  E  G  A 

I'm ready for more 

B/E                A/E      
The feelin' now that I'm  

  E       Esus4  E   G  A 
beside you 

We'll open the door 

   B/E           A/E  E     Esus4  E 
Do anything that we decide to 

      G                 D               
And I know that there's something that's  

A                Asus2  A 
just out of sight 

      C             D       G 
And I feel like I'm finally seeing the light 

Em                A 
Holdin' on girl I know it's right 

  D                     E      A/E 
I know it's right We're ready! 

E   D/E   E  A  E  D 
Hey yeah 

You and I We'll find a reason 
To simplify a change of season 
And I feel like it's time we were off on our way 
We can go so much farther than we've come today 
Holdin' on girl and come what may 
Come what may  
We're ready! We're ready... 
We're ready...... 

   C#m7    A   B7 
C'mon..  C'mon 

  G#m   C#m      F#m  B 
C'mon.. oh.. ye..ah 

We can find the way... 

We're ready now 
Catchin' a wave to ride on 
Steady now 
headin' where we decide on 
And I know that there's something that's just out of sight 
And I feel like we're trying to do something right 
Come on make it if we hold on tight 
Hold on tight 
We're Ready! C'mon We're ready 
We're ready 

We're ready, 1...2...3...4... 

We can find a way. We're ready now, oooh we're ready now. 

We're ready now. 

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