Bobby Vee

Punish Her

Bobby Vee

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Punish Her


A          Ab           A             F# 
If she has wronged you, found someone new. 
A                     F#    B                    E  F#m 
But you feel it's not's what you must do. 

A           Db   B        F#m       A     D 
Punish her..kill her with kindness..ohhh, buy her red  
Dm          A                          Dbm 
roses every day..(doo-doot-doo-doot-da-doot.) 
      F#m             B       Bm         Dm 
Aaah, punish her with so much affection, that she will  
A   F#m     Bm             Em  A 
cry for the love she threw away. 


       D      E              A            F#m 
She'll soon rediscover, with tears in her eyes, 
     B          F#m                D          E 
that you're the only lover she was born to idolize. 

     A           Db             F#m     A        D 
Just punish her..blind her with kisses.....aaah, til she  
                          Dbm      F# 
can't see how she let you 
             Bm                                 E 
Then whisper darling, darling, darling, I still love  
you so. 


 A                       F 
(Punish her, punish her..punish her, punish her.) 

A     Bb          D              Gm7     Bb         Eb 
Ahhh, punish her..blind her with kisses.....yeaaah, til she  
                          D        G 
can't see how she let you 
             Cm                         Bb      Gm7    
Then whisper darling, darling, darling, I still love  
F   Bb    
you so. 

Bb                         F  Gm7                 Bb 
Ooohhhh, punish her..(aahh-ha-haaa)..punish her..(mmmm-hmmm).. 
                   Gm                              Bb 
punish her..(ah-ha-ha)..aaaawwww..punish her..(oh, yeah..) 
                   Gm   Bb 
punish her(..oh-ho-ho)..punish her..  

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