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Wear My Ring Chords

Bobby Darin

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by andrsouza

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Wear My Ring



Bbm     Ab           Abm7    Ab      Db 
Wear my ring on your finger..wear my love within  
     Gm7  Bbm 
your heeeeeart. 
    Ab                       Eb 
And say, you'll always be as much in love with me  
          Ab      Db      Ab 
as at the start..(wear my ring.) 

Eb      Ab                      Db               Gm7 Bb 
Wear my ring on your finger and make this solemn vow.. 
     Ab                  Eb 
that you will always be, as much in love with me as  
    Ab    Db       Ab 
you are..(ring you wear.) 

And when we're old..(when we're old) and we're gray.. 
(and we're gray) we will still..(we will still)..have  
               Db           Bb                 Eb  Bb Eb 
this day, to remember, when December, comes in May. 

B                 Ab 
Won't you wear my ring on your finger, proving that  
Db              Gm7   Bb 
love is ours to share. 
       Ab                          Eb 
You're mine to have and hold, just like this ring of gold  
    Ab     Db  Ab 
you wear..(you wear.) 

 Eb       Ab 
(That you wear.) 

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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