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Silver Dollar Chords

Bobby Darin

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Silver Dollar

(David J. Ruvin)

  		Intro: C D7 G  

G                 E7            Am                     D7 
A woman, a woman, a woman, that a woman 
G                 E7            Am                     D7 
A woman, a woman, a woman, that a woman 
  G                           E7         
You can throw a silver dollar   down to the ground  
And it will      roll because it's round  
    D                                               G 
A     woman never knows what a good man she's got  until  
       C                  D7 
She    turns him      down 
So      listen to me my honey 
E7                  A7 
Listen to me I    want you to understand,  
         C                                       G             E7            A7 
That    a silver dollar goes from    hand to     hand, a     woman  
                  G           E7                    A7 
Goes from   man to    man, in most     cases  
                                   D7              G 
A woman goes from  D7  man to G man  
D7 G                        D7                                                    G 
A      man without a      woman, is like a ship without a     sail 
    C                           G                        A7                          D7  
A     boat  without  a     a rudder, or a        fish without a       tail  
    G                         D7                                                     G 
A     man without a       woman  is like a wreck upon the    sand 
                      C                                      G     E7 
There's only      one thing worse in the     universe   
              A7             D7                G 
That's  a      woman      without  a     man  
 A7           D7                G 
A woman      without a     man 

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