Bobby Bare

Marie Laveau

Bobby Bare

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Marie Laveau

Performed by Bobby Bare 
Written by Shel Silverstein and Baxtor Taylor 
The most famous of the voodoo queens that ever existed 
Is Marie Laveau, down in Louisanaa 
There's a lot of wierd, ungodly tales about Marie, 
She's supposed to have a lot of magic potions, spells and curses.... 
A Down in Louisana, where the black trees grow 
Lives a voodoo lady named Marie Laveau 
Got a D black cat's tooth and a Mojo bone 
And A anyone who wouldn't leave her alone 
She'd go E (growl) another man done A gone. 
She lives in a swamp in a hollow log 
With a one-eyed snake and a three-legged dog 
She's got a bent, bony body and stringy hair 
If she ever seen y'all messin' 'round there 
She'd go (growl) another man done gone. 
And D then one night when the moon was black 
A Into the swamp come handsome Jack 
A B no good man like you all know 
E (TALK) He was lookin' around for Marie Laveau. 
He said Marie Laveau, you handsome witch 
Gimme a little a little charm that'll make me rich 
Gimme a million dollars and I tell you what I'll do 
This very night, I'm gonna marry you 
Then It'll be (growl) another man done gone. 
(Same chords as in verse 3) 
So Marie done some magic, and she shook a little sand 
Made a million dollars and she put it in his hand 
Then she giggled and she wiggled, and she said Hey, Hey 
I'm gettin' ready for my weddin' day. 
But old handsome Jack he said goodbye Marie 
You're too damned ugly for a rich man like me 
Then Marie started mumblin', her fangs started gnashin' 
Her body started tremblin', and her eyes started flashin' 
And she went (growl) another man done gone. 
So if you ever git down where the black trees grow 
And meet a voodoo lady named Marie Laveau 
If she ever asks you to make her your wife 
Man, you better stay with her for the rest of your life 
Or it'll be (growl) another man done gone. 


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