Bob Seger

The Real Love

Bob Seger

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The Real Love

Written by Bob Seger

	  		Intro F  Bb 

Primeira Parte 

I think I've found the real love 
Genuine and true 
I think it's really come my way today, babe 
I think it's really you 

( F  Bb ) 

           F                       Bb 
I remember moments looking in your eyes 
Could have sworn I saw the spark of love, babe 
Flickering inside 
              F                  Dm 
I've been around and round this track 
        F             Bb 
And the only thing I lack 
      Gm7      C 
Is the real love 

              F                    Bb 
Every time I see you every time we touch 
I can feel the way you feel for me babe 
And it means so much 
           F               Dm 
And every time you look at me 
      F                         Bb 
It's just the way it all should be 
       Gm7     C 
In the real love 
Bb                  F 
Oh darlin' darlin' darlin' 
C  Bb          F 
Stay with me stay 
Bb                       F 
I long to see you in the morning sun 
Everyday everyday 

( F  Bb ) 

               F                      Bb 
So until that moment when I take your hand 
I'm gonna try to do my very best babe 
To prove that I'm your man 
    F           Dm 
I'm gonna do my very best 
     F         Bb 
I'm not gonna rest 
                      Gm7       C 
Until we've glot the real love real love 

F            Bb 
Until we've got the real love 

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