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Mainstreet Chords

Bob Seger

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by marcnagel

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(Bob Seger)

intro	 D - C - G - Em  2x 

     D                       C         G          Em        
I re-  member standing on the  corner at  midnight  
                 D            C - G - Em                        
Trying to get my  courage up  
              D                        C               G      Em  
There was this  long lovely dancer in a  little club down-  town  
                     D               C - G - Em                 
I loved to watch her  do her stuff  
            Bm          Bsus2       Bm                Bsus2          
Through the  long lonely    nights she  filled my sleep  
    F#m         G               Em           A7sus4                
Her  body softly  swaying to that  smoky beat  
        D             C - G - Em                                
Down on  mainstreet  

 D - C - G - Em 

       D               C                G        Em         
In the  pool halls, the  hustlers and the  losers  
                    D                    C - G - Em             
I used to watch 'em  through the glass  
         D               C               G - Em               
Well I'd  stand outside at  closing time  
                  D               C - G - Em                    
Just to watch her  walk on past  
       Bm           Bsus2                 Bm               Bsus2     
Unlike  all the other  ladies, she looked so  young and sweet  
       F#m     G                    Em            A7sus4           
As she  made her  way alone down that  empty street  
        D            C - G - Em                                 
Down on  mainstreet  

 D - C - G - Em 

    Bm             Bsus2                 Bm              Bsus2       
And  sometimes even   now, when I'm feeling  lonely and beat  
  F#m           G          Em            A7sus4                    
I  drift back in  time and I  find my feet  
        D            C - G - Em                                 
Down on  mainstreet  
        D            C - G - Em                                 
Down on  mainstreet  

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