Bob Marley

Rat Race

Bob Marley

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Rat Race

Year: 1978 - Album: Babylon by Bus

	  		intro ((Bm A F# D)(F# A Bm Bm Bm  A Bm))2x 

rest of song Bm  A  
             A  Bm 

Ah!  Ya too rude 
Oh what a rat race 
Oh what a rat race 
This is the rat race 

Some a lawful, some a bastard 
Some a jacket 
Oh what a rat race, rat race 

Some a gorgan, some a hooligan 
Some a guine-gog 
In this rat race.  Yeah! 
Rat race 
I'm singing 
When the cats away 
The mice will play 
Political violence fill ya city 
Don't involve Rasta in your say say 
Rasta don't work for no C.I.A 
Rat race, rat race, rat race 

When you think its peace and safety 
A sudden destruction 
Collective security for surety 
Don't forget your history 
Know your destiny 
In the abundance of water 
The fool is thirsty 
Rat race, rat race, rat race 

Oh it's a disgrace to see the 
Human-race in a rat race, rat race 
You got the horse race 
You got the dog race 
You got the human-race 
But this is a rat race, rat race 


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