Blue Rodeo


Blue Rodeo



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Capo on 2nd fret
	  		Transcribed By Hammerhardonit 


I got my plans from trembling hands 
   F                 C     
I knew just what to do 
C                     Am 
Follow each step carefully   
  F                          G        
And hope they pulled me through 
My father ran to different lands 
F                    C 
And not a word we spoke 
C                Am      
I was here to conquer fear 
      F                G 
And bring some glory home 
There?s a world of hate and sorrow 
out there standing in your way 
            F             G 
There?s a load of compromise 
before you die 
And each time you step forward 
You get burned a little bit 
      C             G             Am 
No longer know the way to say goodbye 
          F             Dm7                  G 
Now I?m down here underneath  your bedroom light 
 F                G                C 
Rena please come out with me tonight. 

I look in through the window 
          F                  C     
And I though I?d take my chance 
C                    Am 
I taught myself to play 
           F                    G 
so I could be where people danced 
No higher call than stars that fall 
  F              C 
I waited patiently 
  C                  Am 
A thousand miles of pavement 
        F            G 
That became my destiny 
You can wait a lonely lifetime 
Wondering when it?s gonna come 
          F              G                C 
You can while away the hours getting stoned 
But one day you get lucky 
And you look in someone?s eyes 
       C                  G          Am 
That tell you you don?t have to be alone 
         F             Dm7               G 
Now I?m falling back just out of your sight 
F               G                  C 
Rena please come out with me tonight 

    F              C                
Oh now I know the way things go 
     F               C 
And what I put you through 
        Am              Em 
Cause when they try to get to me   ( repeat twice)       
      F                 G        (:/ C / C / F / C / C,Em,Am / F / G /:)   
They get to me through you 

       F                                   Em 
I know it?s not the kind of hurt that?s easily set right 
       F                  G                 C 
And I know you got your reasons to stay inside 
      F                             Em 
But nothing ever happens when it?s left out on it?s own 
       C                   G                  Am 
You locked in there with just your wounded pride 
     Dm7                                  G 
I?m down here and I?m way too tired to fight 
F                 G               Am 
Rena please come out with me tonight 
F                 G               C..... 
Rena please come out with me tonight

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