Blue Highway


Blue Highway

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by  JOSEP1

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	  		Intro ? Hmmm yeah (G)     (C)     (G)     (C) (D (G)  

(G) Hey Lazarus you fell to the ground, Lazarus died 
(C) Right there in the heart of town, Lazarus (G) died 
People gathered all around, Lazarus (C) died 
(G) Lazarus, Lazarus, where did you (C) go, when (D) you left this mortal (G) world 

We wrapped you up in your death clothes, everyone cried  
We (C) said goodbye and the tomb was closed, everyone (G) cried 
Then Jesus spoke and you arose, everyone (C) cried 
Cryin' (G) Lazarus, Lazarus, how did it (C) feel when (D) you left this mortal (G) world 

Instrumental -    (G)     (C)     (G)     (C) (D (G) 

(C) Lazarus oh Lazarus, (G) have you heard the news 
(C) They nailed Jesus to the cross is there (G) something you can (D) do 
(G) Lazarus can you bring him back like he did for (C) you 
For he has (D) left this mortal (G) world 

Instrumental -    (G)     (C)     (G)hmmm (C) (D) (G) 

(G) Will you pray the prayer you know how, Lazarus prayed 
(C) Bring him back to life somehow, Lazarus (G) prayed  
But Jesus is in gods hands now, Lazarus (C) prayed  
Well (G) Lazarus I do believe that Jesus still (C) lives be-(D)-yond this mortal (D) world  

Instrumental -    (G)     (C)     (G)hmmm (C) (D) (G) 

Repeat Chorus and end song by playing out in (G) and ending with Hmmmm

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