Blue Highway

I'm Asking You

Blue Highway

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by  JOSEP1

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I'm Asking You

	  		Verse 1: 
Jesus I am Thankful  
G                    D 
for all you've given me  

And I'm asking for your help lord  
       G                A 
to be all you'd have me be  
        Em             G 
With a humble voice I cry out  
        Em             A 
For the world filled with pain 
G                       D 
Please help me see the sunshine 
      G              D 
And look beyond the rain 

G           D 
I'm asking you  
G              D 
Cause you know how 
    Em                          G 
To heal my heart and clear the doubt 
         Em            G 
you can take away the hurt 
     Em  A           G 
And make it all work out  
G          D 
I'm asking you  
G              D 
cause you know how 

Verse 2: 
May I always be aware of 
the blessings that you bring 
And may you always be the reason  
I lift my voice to sing 
Teach me faith and guide me 
Show me how to stand 
Through trying times that face me 
Lord I know you can 

Chorus 2x

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