Go through it



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Go through it

Year: 2001 - Album: Autoamerican

	  		Intro: (like gallop, drums are really important)

A - A - E - F#m - D -A -E - A

    F#m		    E
She knew it about Route Three
 F#m 			     E
Oh she blew it you know she coulda told me
     F#m (E)         D
He can't say no he can't ask why
         A    E        A
Go through it highway bride

    F#m		  E
He delivers he's a roadsider
F#m			     E
He gets no road from a back seat driver
          F#m (E)  D
Away we go yes or no?
    A             E         A
I love you honey gimme a beer

    F#m			E
But just like Jerry Lee she's tuning in on me
     F#m		         E
And I've got no defense but it makes no difference
        F#m	      (A)          D
'Cause just like Jerry Lee she's tuning in on me
              A   E  -  D  - A - D -A
She does it easy like ACB

     F#m		   E
He's hard to hold on the rolling road
               F#m	                   E
He knows his rig's hot get through that roadblock
             F#m (A) D
Ten miles to go oh radio
         A      E           A
She knew it now so does he
            A             E        A
Well I love you honey gimme a beer
          A        E               D        - D - D - D - A
Ooh go through it come sit right here

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