Blink 182

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Blink 182

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Year: 2003 - Album: Blink 182

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e |----------------------------------------| B |----------------------------------------| G |----------------------------------------| E |--4-4-444---5-555-55--------------------| B |--2-2-222---5-555-55--------------------| C#|-0-0-000---3-333-33---------------------|
Em cada frase do verso é só dar uma palhetada em cada acorde, alternadamente: C# E e|-----| e|-----| B|-----| B|-----| G|-----| G|-----| E|--4--| E|--5--| B|--2--| B|--5--| C#|-0--| C#|-3--| C# I saw you again E I think you used me again C# Should we try this before we give up and move on E And pretend to restore what we have and hold on
E At times like these C#|-777-555-888-0000000-| E It's obvious C#|-777-555-888-0000000-|
(Intr.) C# I saw you again E I know you fucked him again C# Can you comfort yourself with a sense of revenge E Are you leaving me here with the taste of the end (Refrão) Agora a música da uma parada e muda o ritmo E1 = Faça o Mi (E) assim: E|--7--| B|--5--| C#|----| E2 = Faça o Mi assim: E|--5--| B|--5--| C#|-3--| F# = E|--7--| B|--7--| C#|-5--| (E1 C# F#-E2-F#)(4x) E1 I saw you again and again and again | C# E2 | There's some room to move on, to move on, to move on | E1 | (4x) And I saw you again and again and again | C# E2 | How do we fix this if we never have vision | (A música termina em C#)

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