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Bleu Edmondson

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  		Riff played during song while is a Dsus2 shape 
You sit and judge me cause you think you know me 
But you're gettin nervous and you wanna run 
You see us doin what we're doin 
Well mister hold on because we've just begun 
Hear that train coming down the track 
Better hop on board, step on back 
We're sent to change the world, it's time to take a stand 
Just a boy from Texas, yeah the promised land 
Cadd9 D Grab the children, get 'em outta the way Cadd9 D Black clouds rollin thru town today F Cadd9 D And whatta ya do, whatta ya say C D When the storm rolls in to blow you away
We got somethin? to say, an nothin? to lose Young outcasts, with everything to prove I'm gonna take your world, take it in my hands Toss it up, I'm gonna watch it land Chorus See we got this good thing It's kind of a groove thing All around the world They're gonna hear us sing: We're singin - Hey, Hey Southern man Born and raised in the southernland Light that flame and burn it to the ground Chorus You sit and Judge me cause you think you know me But you're gettin nervous and you wanna run

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