Blake Mills


Blake Mills

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Intro: F   G  C   F,  G   C   F 

          G               C                 F 
here's to jumping off the roof to catch the ball 

   G          C           F 
to spinning around in the fall 

          G         C       F    Bb      Dm 
it's hard enough to remember the way you were 
        C       F        C       F       Bb    C   F 
oh, the way you are, the way you are 

          G               C              F 
here's to coming home and falling on the floor 
          G           C                F 
here's an arm sliding down the bedroom door 
     G             C      F        Bb      Dm 
everyone has their reasons and the way you were  
           C       F        C       F     Bb   C     F  (Instrumental same as one verse) 
is not the way you are, the way you are 
              G             C                F 
and cheers to everything we watched to every show 
                G              C                F                     
and then to any sleeping in my arms and nothing more 
        G        C               F    Bb      Dm 
nothing feels so familiar anymore the way you were, 
        C       F        C       F      Bb     C 
oh, the way you are, the way you are 

(Instrumental same as verse) 

F          G          C               F 
 here's to taking the year to call it off 
   G           C              F 
to whatever it is that you've become 
                   G         C          F  
and I've forgotten more than he'll ever know 
          Bb           Dm           C            F 
about the way that you were and the way that you are 
    C       F    Bb      C 
the way you are 

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