Summer Chords


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by educastilho

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Intro: C#m 

           Em7        G7M 
Love me as the summer gone 
                          E                  D9 
When eyes were closed and days were long, so long 
I burned a torch for you but all the while 
G7M                                  D9      C#m 
Somewhere in the haze you lost your smile 

           Em7        G7M 
Love me as the winter comes 
                       E                  D9 
Don't cast your shadow on my soul, please don't 
Don't let me sink, don't let the darkness in 
G7M                            D9 
Let your perfect fingers touch my skin 

Bb            Em7 
Heart needs a home 
       Bb             F7M       Am            C#m 
It's a dark and empty road when you're alone 

           Em7            G7M 
Love me as the springtime comes 
                    E                  D9 
Let your song drift down the stairs to me 
Waiting here along the way to blue 
  G7M                        D9         C#m 
Remembering the days I spent with you 

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Solo: Em7 G7M E|-----------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------| G|--------------------9-11~--11b13--9--9-11-11---| D|---------------9-11----------------------------| A|------7-9-9/11---------------------------------| E|--7-9------------------------------------------| E D9 E|-----------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------| G|-14b16-12-9-12-12b13---7/9---------------------| D|---------------------------9-7-6---6-7/9/12-12-| A|---------------------------------7-------------| E|-----------------------------------------------| E7/D E|-----------------------------------------------| B|--------------15----15/17----------------------| G|-----11-12-14----14-------14-14-12b13----------| D|--12-------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------| G7M E|------------17-14------------------------------| B|-----15-----------15----17-15-------15---------| G|--14-----14----------14-------14-12----12/11---| D|-----------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------| D9 E|-----------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------| D|--12-12----------------------------------------| A|---------12h14p12-10\9-------------------------| E|-----------------------10----------------------|
Bb Em7 Heart needs a home Bb F7M Am It's a dark and empty road when you're alone

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