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Intro: Em   D   Bm   A  

Em                   D 
Oh tell me what is colour,  
Bm                     A 
When all the world is black and white,  
Em                   D 
And tell me what you reach for,  
Bm                   A 
When all the stars are out of sight, 
Em               D  
Oh tell me what you'd give,  
Bm               A                    Em     D 
To be woken by a kiss in the morning light,  
Bm                  A 
Do you feel alright,  

Em                          D   A 
You know much more than I do,  
Em                          D    A 
I just stay so safe at home,  
Em                           D    A 
Much too scared to feel what I do,  
Em                 A 
Must you always live alone,  

Chorus : Em D Bm A 

You make my heart beat,  
Fall down at your feet,  
You make my heart beat,  
I fall down at your feet, 

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