BJ Thomas

Lyin' Again

BJ Thomas

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Lyin' Again

Year: 1975 -

(Chips Moman-Larry Butler)

	  		Intro: Gmaj7 Cmaj7 Gmaj7 Cmaj7 Gmaj7  

The morning sun woke me  
           Cmaj7      G/B         Am7           D7  
I felt the warmth, of soft skin beneath my hand  

Last night the devil got to me  
And today, I'm just a common man  
So I'll get up, and say goodbye  
C         G/B        Am7             D7   
On my way home, I'll make up the lie  
That holds our lives together, one more time  
Am7  D7 G      G7            C G/B   Am7  
I'll be lyin' again, I'll be tryin' again  
G               Em                 Am7       D7  
Hopin', I don't hurt you, like the last time   
    Am7    D7  G       G7                 C G/B  Am7  
But you'll be, cryin' again, you know I'm lyin' again  
        G    D7             C      D7  
Telling you,    this is the last time  
Am7  D7 G      G7            C G/B   Am7   D7 G  
I'll be lyin' again, I'll be tryin' again, again...  


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