Outside The Lines


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Outside The Lines


Em  G   C   x2 

verse 1 
Em       G            C 
Crow me down from the belvedere 
Em         G             C 
Cast your snare for the fall 
Em         G      C 
Thou hast only a narrow while 
Em         G            C 
For me to hold thee so high 
Em      G         C 
Put a stop to my fantasy 
Em       G         C 
Call me in for the night 
Em        G           C 
Life's a shame to be lived so wrong 
Em       G           C 
Rolling outside the lines 

Em G 

G     C         Em     G      C 
Ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah, ah ah 
C   G     D   G  D     C   Am G     D        B7 
Ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah 

verse 2 
Em       G          C 
Call me out for my sinners bones 
Em       G          C 
Call me out to the pire 
Em    G         C 
Open wide, his fire warmth for burning 
Em         G           C 
All those outside the lines 
Em         G           C 
All those outside the lines 

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