Billy Walker

Give Back My Heart

Billy Walker

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Give Back My Heart

Written by Freddie Hart/Billy Walker

	  		C                   C7              F 
Give back my heart  for our love is over 

    G7                                             C   A7 G7 
The love I gave you was a love that was true not a lie 

             C      C7         F 
Give back my heart  female Casanova 

           G7                                              C  F  C 
You made a game of our love a plaything of our love so goodbye 

But I still love you though  

And I'll miss you I know that's for certain 

But it's no life to live with all you do is give 

And get back in return all this hurtin' 

C            C7                F 
Go your way  it's best that we part 

Find yourself a new love I'll find me a true love 

             C     F  C 
Give back my heart 

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