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Fallen Leaves Chords

Billy Talent

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by happiness

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Fallen Leaves

  		Am E C G   
In a crooked little town they were lost and never found 
Dm F E 
Fallen leaves fallen leaves fallen leaves on the ground 
Run away before you drown or the streets will beat you down 
Fallen leaves fallen leaves fallen leaves on the ground 
Am E  
I hitched a ride until the coast to leave behind all of my ghosts 
Am E C G F E   
Searching for something I couldn't find at home 
Can't get no job can you spare a dime just one more hit and I'll be fine 
I swear to god this'll be my one last time 
When it gets dark in Pigeon Park voice in my head will soon be fed 
By the vultures that circle round the dead 
Dm Am 
I never once thought I'd ever be caught 
Staring at sidewalks hiding my track marks 
I left my best friends or did they just leave me

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