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All Shook Up Chords

Billy Joel

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by ShaneA

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All Shook Up

	  Written by Otis Blackwell. This is legend, Billy Joel's version.  

1. A well a bless my soul  

What's wrong with me?  

I'm itching like a man  

On a fuzzy tree.  

My friends say I'm actin'  

As queer as a bug  

I'm in love!  

I'm All Shook Up.  
          C         D          G 

2. My hands are shaky  
And my knees are weak  
I can't seem to stand  
On my own two feet  
Who do you thank  
When you have such luck?  
I'm in love! I'm All Shook Up.  
Uh uh huh. MM Yeah, yeah.  

Please don't ask what's on my mind  
   G                                     G  
I'm a little mixed up, but I'm feelin' fine  
   C                                          C 
When I'm near that girl that I love the best  
   D                           D 7 
My heart beats so it scares me to death  

3. She touched my hand  
What a chill I got  
Her kisses are like  
A volcano that's hot  
I'm proud to say  
That she's my buttercup  
I'm in love! I'm All Shook Up.  
Uh uh huh. Mmm  Yeah, yeah.  

My tongue gets tied when I try to speak  
My insides shake like a leaf on a tree  
There's only one cure for this body of mine  
That's to have the girl that I love so fine  

(repeat 3rd verse)  

(I have submitted a rather simplified, everyman version of this classic  
Elvis, because I thought the collection needed a version. All  
corrections and suggestions welcomed at [email protected] or at the  
address below)  



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