Billy Gilman


Billy Gilman

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Capo on 1st fret
C                    C/B 
Suitcase packed with all his things  
Am                    Am/G 
Car pulls up, the doorbell rings  
He don't want to go  
                Dm    Dm7 G   
He thought he'd found his home  
         C             C/B  
But with circumstances he can't change  
Am                    Am/G 
Waves goodbye as they pull away  
From the life he's known  
                   ?         G 
For the last seven months or so  
Chorus 1: 
She said we found the man who looks like you  
Who cried and said he never knew  
 F               G                C   
About the boy in pictures that we showed him  
A rambler in his younger days  
He knew he made a few mistakes  
       Dm                  F 
But he swore he would have been there  
Had he known it  
       F                   G          C  
Son we think we found your dad in Oklahoma  
A million thoughts raced through his mind  
What's his name, what's he like and will he be  
Anything like the man in his dreams  
She could see the questions in his eyes  
Whispered 'don't be scared my child  
I'll let you know, what we know 
Chorus 2: 
About the man we found, he looks like you  
who cried and said he never knew  
About the boy in pictures that we showed him  
A rambler in his younger days He knew he'd made a few mistakes  
But he swore he would've been there had he known it  
You always said that this was something that you wanted  
Son it's time to meet your Dad in Oklahoma  
One last turn he held his breath  
'Til they reached the fifth house on the left  
And all at once the tears came rolling in  
And as they pulled into the drive  
A man was waiting there outside  
Who wiped the worry from his eyes smiled and took his hand  
Chorus 3: 
And he said I'm the man who looks like you  
Who cried because I never knew  
About that boy in pictures that they showed me  
A rambler in my younger days I knew I made a few mistakes  
But I swear I would have been there had I known it  
Never again will you ever be alone  
Son welcome to your home in Oklahoma 

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